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garmin update

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Lifetime map update services

We help you update Lifetime map services.

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One Time map update Service

We help you update and install one time maps.

Device software update

We help you update and reset your GPS Device.

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garmin map update

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garmin map update


Gone are the times of yelling for directions and the fear of getting lost when exploring unfamiliar locales. The technical advancements have imparted the world of navigation the crown jewels in the form of Vehicle GPS Navigation Systems. Embark on any journey confidently with the assurance of precision navigation from Garmin devices.


Assisted navigation and communication are reshaping the way we travel. Get full benefit from your devices with the assistance to get the latest Garmin map update from TECH GPS.


                                                                  –  Take full control of your journey!


Updated maps are a reinvention of daily commute. As change is the only constant in life, the same applies to geography and nomenclature of any particular region. To get the best benefits from your navigation device and to keep up with the modifying routes and landscapes, TECH GPS offers a guided service on how to update map on Garmin and lets you savor the precision directions from the navigator.


The journey and destination might be same for many, but a better route map and navigation enhance and amplify the experience behind the wheel. As they say, “Driving is not about going from point A to point B, but about how you get there”, regular map updates will give pave way for a hassle free journey and let you enjoy the thrill from the drive.




Planning routes was never so easy. Regular updates make your GPS devices smarter than ever before and derive maximum performance so that you are guaranteed the drive of life. We offer comprehensive and free lifetime update Garmin Nuvi to nullify any risks of getting lost. Take the doubt out of driving and make your daily commute an endeavor worth remembering. If the question of “how to update my Garmin GPS?” haunts and continues to make rounds, then look no further as TECH GPS helps provide map updates to let you confidently tackle the roads ahead.




Receive the latest map updates and get where you are going with ease. Whether heading to work or going for the weekend drive, update maps on Garmin Nuvi and explore the infinities of fast and accurate navigation. With the step-by-step instructions to obtain the latest updates, enhance your driving experience and save time and gas with the optimum destination routes provided by the devices.


TECH GPS makes map and software updates easy for your navigation device and offer a smarter driving experience.


We at UPDATE YOUR GPS Map Source provide In Home Map Update service for Your GPS devices. We are a third party company and are not associated with the brands like Garmin and TomTom. The names used on this website are for Information only. Call us For Map Update.