Garmin Nuvi 55LM Review and Features

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Garmin Nuvi 55LM Review and Features

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The Garmin Nuvi 55LM is one of the devices into the ‘essential line up’ by the company. Being a device of the LM series, the price for this device remains, but the list of features have only increased and become better. Let us have look at what does the device have in store for us!

Garmin Nuvi 55LM Review and Features

Design- Sometimes Simplicity becomes the power of Best designs

There isn’t any experiment over the design element of the device, well, let’s say Garmin chose to play it safe. If you compare the device with a latest flagship by Garmin, you will find this to be ugly; however, the real talk here is the GPS experience over all. A 5 inch display, with a 480*272 resolution it is. The screen display size is okay, but the resolution?

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Well, what more do you expect from a basic GPS device? The entire process of setting up the device is quite simple and easy; secure the cup mount on the dashboard and connect the power cable for a long lasting use. All in all, the device has got some basic design, but the use of the device has not been compromised upon.

Features- It will make you stick Around

Being an entry level device, the Nuvi 55LM is doing just fine. You are displayed a basic kind of menu, with minimum possible options, making your navigation easier. The idea of this device is to help even a naïve, and the features are accordingly designed.

Search Results: Now that is smart planning. With entering the place or category of your desired search, you will be answered to.

Getting Directions: While you are driving, you can hear the indications by the Nuvi. The newly introduced ‘Up Ahead’ feature to the device helps you have a look at the POI’s around you.  This is quite useful in case of emergencies or sudden needs for anything in an unknown place! Then there is also ‘Where Am I’ which helps you do the same taka s above, this is only an older feature of the entry level devices. You are warned while entering a school zone; that is the typical feature in any Garmin.

Maps: It has got for you a total of 49 maps from the lower states of US. Well, considering the price, there has to be some negotiations in the features. If you are to stay within the US, the updates are as well free, which is pretty cool!

If considered on an overall basis, the features of this device are pretty good, considering the ones present in 52LM. There are still some things which we expect from a GPS, but given this is a low level device, it has taken the show away!

Inference- One of the Best Entry Level Devices

The Garmin Nuvi Priced at $159.99 is definitely a good buy; given the lifetime map updates. The additional features and the entire navigation experience is in every way a good one. Thought there aren’t the add-ons of a Bluetooth, or voice activation, but being an entry level Garmin device, it has got quite a few points. With the Nuvi 55LM, the company has only increased its level for even the entry level GPS devices. In case you have been looking for a little more to the maps, you can as well have a look at the Garmin Nuvi 56LM, which covers Canada as well at an additional price of $10.