Garmin NuviCam LMTHD Review

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Garmin NuviCam LMTHD Review

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We all love adventure, don’t we? Well, whenever we think of adventure, what is the first thing that comes to our minds? Yes, open roads and cruising in a car with our friends. Well, if you are thinking about going out then Global Positioning System (GPS) is the first thing that hits our minds. There are a lot of options these days, which starts from our mobile phones, but there is always a connectivity problem and also limited battery. Well, this is when the GPS Specialized devices come into play.

Garmin NuviCam LMTHD ReviewGarmin and TOMTOM are one of the most used and famous companies that provide us unmatched accuracy and quality. Talking about Garmin, they have again managed to do something different again. The new Garmin nüviCam™ LMTHD is the only think that you will want to fit in your car.

How Does It Look? – Classy, modern and efficient

Well, unlike most of its model, it actually looks quite modern. Most of our GPS devices are wrapped in a plastic body but this one is like your smartphone, which is wrapped in a metal casing. The similarities with the smartphone doesn’t end here only as it also have a big screen of 6 inches which is ginormous to operate but at the same time it is quite handy and easy to fidget with. It also comes with a magnetically attachable windshield mount dock, which when used can hold your device with its magnet. The screen resolution is just okay with just 800×480 pixels which can be a letdown, but remember, you will not be using the device 24×7 so this problem would not be that big. The screen is quite bright and you will be delighted to know that it is easily operational in direct sunlight.

What Does It Offer?- Everything you thought of

You may have heard about the technologies that the German cars offer, like cameras everywhere, blind spot recognition, lane recognition and a bunch of other stuff too. Well, the Garmin nüviCam™ LMTHD will allow you to use similar type of set of features that are offered in a luxury German saloons. Well, starting off with its unique feature, it has got a camera to that will keep an eye on the road without blinking. The nuviCam will not only guide you to your desired destination but also doesn’t compromise on your safety.

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The device comes with two SD card slots that will continuously record your journey as you go along. It will also tell you to maintain distance from the front car as you come close to the car in the front. Just like that, it will also warn you if you cross the dividing lines on the road, and its warning beep is so loud that you will be forced to get back in your lane. Not only that, it will also warn if there is a car in the blind spot, which is just staggering.

Price of the device- Pretty Pocket holing but worth of it

There are a lot of devices that just let you to do the navigation smoothly but this one right here is more to that and Garmin is charging you for this device a hefty 400 dollars which seems to be a lot for a navigation device where as its competitors provide the same sort of navigation at very low price and also provides a better battery backup than just 30 minutes.