How to Update Garmin Maps

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How to Update Garmin Maps

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Having the latest version of Garmin maps at all times is a smart choice. In case you have some membership purchased, then it is not a problem for you; however if you wish to use the maps for free, then here is how you can do it. There are two methods that you can choose from to Update Garmin Maps! Have a look at how to do it, and what all do you need.

How to Update Garmin Maps

Method 1

This is by the official update which is meant for Garmin devices, you can update Garmin Maps.

  1. Purchasing the updates: This is a choice which is left for your discretion whether or not you wish to buy the updates. In case you want to, you have got two options to proceed with. One is purchasing the lifetime upgrade, or a one-time one. If you go with the former option, you will be able to access updates throughout the life of your device, while the latter will need you to purchase the upgrade once again for upgrading it the next time.
  2. Connecting the device with USB to the computer: Upgrading the device is possible only when you connect it to your computer. Once the Garmin device is booted, you will be able to see the progress of upgrade on the display.
  3. Sign in with your account: You need to visit the website, ‘myGarmin’ and sign in with the account you have made your purchases with.
  4. Go to ‘myMaps’: From the tab on the dashboard, you will get to see the map upgrades you have purchased.
  5. From the ‘recent Map Purchases’ options, you need to click on the drop down menu and select you Garmin device from the list.
  6. Installing the Plugin: Now that you will need the Garmin Maps to be transferred on to your device, you need to install the Garmin Communicator Plugin.

 *Remember you must be using a browser other than Chrome, as it will not support the Plugin*

  1. You now have to install Garmin Express on your computer for the interaction between your device and the Computer.
  1. Register yourself: Once you are through with the installation, you need to register your device if not already done. If done, then you can proceed to the next step.
  1. Update: Here, you can have a look at the available updates, along with the update you just bought for your device.
  1. Details and Agreement: There is an install button after you click on the show details option on the tab. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed with the update.
  1. Almost there: Now you need to wait up until the download and installation takes place. It is quite a long process, and so might take some time.
  1. All set: Once you have received the update, exit the Garmin Express and remove your device from the Computer. A rebooting of your device will take place until the installation finally occurs. Wait up until it is done!

Method 2

You can update Garmin maps using this method which makes use of maps which are from other resources.

  1. Downloading an image file of free maps: OpenStreetMap is a source which lets you create your own street maps, and later import them into your Garmin devices. The entire process lets you get updated maps without having to purchase the upgrades.
  • The maps are easily available at you will be provided with the information about the maps, and when and how are these updated.
  • The map you download is in the form of .img file. What you need to do is rename it to gmapssup.img in case this isn’t already the name.
  • Remember that at one given time, only one of the above mentioned file can be accessed via the GPS. However, there are devices which consent to multiple .img files.;
  1. Plugging in: For further upgradations, you will have to connect the device to your computer via a USB cord.
  2. USB Mass Storage Mode: You need to switch the mode of your device to mass storage. Most of the devices automatically switch to mass storage. In case you have an SD card on your device, put it into the card reader of your PC.
  1. Visit the storage of your device on your computer.
  1. On your GPS, go to the Map or Gamin folder. In case you don’t have one, you need to create it.
  1. Copying the gmapssup.img file: You will now have to copy the aforesaid file into the Map or Garmin folder which you created/found. Be a little patient and watch it happen. (In case there is an SD card, you need to copy this there. Again, if the folder doesn’t exist, create one)
  1. Once the transfer is done, you can unplug your device from the PC.
  1. Loading: Once the device has rebooted, you can download the new map on it. Also, you will now have to select your desired map, and remove the base one.
  • From the tools menu, visit the settings.
  • Go to Map, followed by Map info.
  • Now you just need to tick mark the box which lets you select the new map, and remove the tick mark from the base one. (in case both of them are overlapping)

This was all on how to update Garmin Maps. Hope it helped! Just a note you might keep in mind- ‘ In case you chose to go with the one-time purchase, there is a chance that you will get a new update for free, if it is within a period of 30 days. So, before your 30 days are to end, since the purchase, do visit the website and check out if there is any update. You will get one for free if there is one.’

Hope this helped you out! With the steps above, you can choose the kind of upgrade you want, and also, if or not you want to pay for the same! Hope this turned out to be a help!


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