How to Update TomTom Map

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How to Update TomTom Map

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We all are technology freaks and in this world, technology is all that matters. Well, technology is not just restricted to our homes or cell phones but it has also moved to our cars. The way we travel is also now modern with tons of technology inside the cabin. Today we can have a lot of computer systems working in our automobiles that can take care of the engine and other equipments. But the technological advancements are not limited only there, the in cabin gizmos are also one of the most essential part of the car. In high end cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes etc there is a lot of things to play with, but one of the most essential part of the car is the navigation.

Company fitted screens comes with a choice of navigations, which to be honest are not that good. Yes they work but they are not that good. Here is when the other come devices into play. External navigation devices are there in the market which provides you a lot of accuracy as well as they manage to give us information about a lot of streets, cities and even remote villages. As we know that India is developing country, which means development in the infrastructure every day. This also means that the navigation devices will need updates time to time in order to keep up with the growth of the country.

How to Update TomTom MapOne of the best navigation devices is the TOMTOM which is available worldwide. Well, let us discuss the ways to update the maps on your TOMTOM Device.

Well, this is one of the easiest ways to Update TomTom Map. All you need to do is to connect your device with the laptop or computer. TOMTOM provides you the navigation facility for your lifetime and that is why it is one of the most popular devices in the market. Well, the company does provide timely updates to your device so that you do not get lost on your trip.

Step By Step Guide to Update TomTom Map

Before starting the updating procedure, there are few things that should be kept in mind. The first thing is the windows firewall system. The firewall system may interfere with your downloading procedure of the maps. TOMTOM needs full access to your bandwidth and My Drive and that is why there should not be any firewall that may interrupt the process.

While downloading the Maps, My Drive account needs to be settled because all the data is stored on the cloud storage only. Well, small issues in connectivity may cause problems in the downloaded files which simply mean that the file cannot be viewed on the TOMTOM Navigation device. It is recommended that you connect the device through wire from your router, rather than using wireless internet connectivity. Wireless internet connectivity can be unstable at times which will cause problem in the download.

  1. Connect Device To The Laptop Or Personal Computer

This is the primary and the main step to do as the laptop will help you to select the files that you want to download and then proceed to download the selected maps. Well, the next step for you to do is to select the My Drive on your laptop for the storage of the maps. This might be tricky if you do not have My Drive in your laptop or do not have a My Drive account as all the information is stored in the My Drive cloud storage only. It is highly recommended that you get the My Drive first and then start to Update TomTom Map.

  1. Getting The Items

This is another most important crucial step while updating the TOMTOM Navigating device. There can be more than one updates available to the TOMTOM device, like the navigating update or the maps update or the User Interface update. If you were to Update TomTom Map you probably would have done all the updates in one go and put it on updating, but no, that is wrong.

To get the updates, you first have to check if your device is up to date or if any update is available or not. To check that, you will have to press “Get Items”  button on the screen which will check if there are files for you to update from the internet or not. If there are two updates available, which can be Maps and Navigator Update, it is recommended to download and install the Navigator Update first. Navigator update is usually rolled out to improve the efficiency and the accuracy of the device.

  1. Starting The Download

Well, this is the final step of the whole procedure in which you will have to download the main update, yes the Maps update. After you have finished downloading the navigator update and successfully installed it, you can now start downloading the Maps update which will be automatically saved in the My Drive. Now you see why My Drive is important! Well, after the download is being finished, the TOMTOM device will automatically start to update itself. While it is updating, all you need to do is wait till it is finally over. As the device will be uploading, a buffering sign will appear on the device’s screen. Do not worry, it is just a normal process of updating. You may notice that the device was turned off during the process of updating but it actually is not, it is just on standby mode in which it is constantly updating. Well, there is only one step we need to do isn’t it?

  1. Switching On The Device

After the device is completely and successfully updated with all the software and technology, just switch it on and configure it once again if needed.

Plan trips with your loving friends and family without having to worry about the navigation part as you are fully updated with the TOMTOM Maps and Navigation Update, through which you will never ever get lost. Happy Driving!


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