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TomTom GO 6100 Review and Features

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TomTom has been a name in the world of navigation devices which has been on the top always. Devices by the company have been not just tech savy, but also very useful and simple to use. Here is what the TomTom GO 6100 has got in store for us, and what kind of a device it is all in all!

Features Loaded- You don’t want to miss

TomTom has always been ahead of its competition, and with the changes in their design and technology, they have shown us again why they are the king of the GPS Systems. Gone are the days when their navigation devices were clumsy to use and there UI was just like Stephen Hawking, Good man but nothing worked. With the new UI, TomTom has directly targeted the customers. Now it has replaced it search and go UI system which just allowed you to search the maps not just by the screen by you can also speak and the device will find the best route for you.

TomTom GO 6100 Review and FeaturesIts not the User Interface that has been changed, the screen is also now better as it measures upto 6 inch and it is super sensitive. The pervious devices were just too hard to operate as their screens were not as responsive as the new ones. Well, with the new ones, the story is slightly changed. The screen response is tremendous. But we think that it might be too sensitive, as the car moves along, it makes it more uneasy to operate.

Lifetime Maps: Yes, TomTom has finally decided to provide its users with the lifetime maps and its updates too. Earlier this was not available in the TomTom Global Positioning Devices. Well, this is one of the best features thatis provided by the company. If you buy a TomTom GO 6100, which is a 6 inch device, it comes with worldwide maps of over 157 countries in total. Well, that, makes it just the thing that you need while doing a world tour.

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Lifetime Traffic Support: Here is yet another reason why you would want to by the TomTom GO 6100 as it come with a lifetime access over its traffic services, which is also available in other devices but is available at one year free subscription and to extend it, you will have to pay for it.

Lifetime Speed Camera Support: This is very useful as TomTom knows where the speed cameras are. So it will warn you about the speed limit, and will also tell the correct position of the speed camera which will help you not to have a speeding ticket.

Price- Far Ahead from the competitors

Well, price can be a letdown to this device. This one costs $400 which is actually a lot if you compare it with other competitors. But if you are comparing the price, why don’t you compare other stuff at the same time, like the lifetime maps, lifetime guide to traffic and speedcamers, worldwide maps, which you cannot find in most of the other GPS Devices. So it makes the TomTom GO 6100 a sweet deal to have.

So this was all on the TomTom GO 6100! If you want a device which has got both class and technology, you have to give this one an extra point! You can have some real time navigation via this device. Happy Navigating!

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